Tiny Tiny Little Harry...

A few weekends ago I did a newborn photography session with the smallest of guys, little Harry.  Normally I like to photograph newborns within their new home environment, showing off the surroundings they now find themselves in along with their proud parents and sometimes siblings.  But this time I (and Harry's mum) wanted to try a traditional newborn photography setup with Harry swaddled and asleep.  At 10 days old we thought Harry would be an expert at sleeping, but turned out he had other ideas.  

Shepreth Cambridgeshire newborn photography black & white

Using my portable studio set up I was able to carry on setting up in the living room of their Shepreth home whilst Harry's mum worked her magic at getting him to sleep.  And after a lot of cuddles and 5 courses of milk Harry was out of it.  Time was of the essence so we moved fast.  Placing Harry on the now set up faux fur blanket on top of the sofa cushions I rattled off around 20 shots before Harry woke up.  

Shepreth Cambridgeshire newborn photography session
Shepreth Cambridgeshire newborn photography session

You know what they say about working with children and animals...but Harry was great and gave us just enough time to capture some beautiful images which I am super pleased with.  When it comes to newborn photography the baby is boss.  It is all about working around their sleep patterns and mood in order to maximise the time.  To be honest even if your little one is not a big sleeper or doesn't like to stay still for long, that's what you want to capture; them being them.   

If you're interested in a newborn photography session or any family photography just get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.