A Quick Portrait in Royston / by Gareth Jones

Sometimes spending just a little time (15 minutes or so) is all you need to capture portraits of your little ones.  Their attention span is not very long and so you have to be quick.  But to be honest it really doesn't need to take long at all.  If you have your camera to hand, you can always find an interesting backdrop close by.  By using a wide aperture (small number) you can throw the foreground and background out of focus to bring the attention to the subject and making the surroundings soft and subtle.

Whilst out on a run in Royston (one of those rare occasions), I turned down road I hadn't been before.  As I jogged along I noticed the different walls and textures of the old Royston buildings and I knew I wanted to come back and take some portraits.  One Facebook request later, I met a local volunteer and her mother early on a light Saturday morning for a very quick portrait session.  This gave me opportunity to test out my new 50mm prime lens and to create some really nice images for the portfolio.