The Great Easter Egg Hunt

These days there are so many opportunities to capture great moments with you camera, especially if you have little ones around.  Think of all the birthday parties and groups they attend with friends and family.  These are the perfect situations for natural candid family photography and for you to practise you camera skills.

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Ten minutes is all you need, grab your camera and get outside

I took Ivy into the garden the other day to let her have a run around.  She loves to explore the bushes, plants and unfortunately the wheelie bins, so I grabbed the camera and snapped away. Turns out she's learnt to say cheese when I point it towards her (more like "cheeee") which is great as she now occasionally stops and looks right into the lens.

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New Baby Charlotte

Recently I photographed baby Charlotte at home with her very proud Mum & Dad.  I like to photograph newborns within their home as I want the photography to remind you of a time and place rather than a staged event.  Don't get me wrong, I love studio photography and creative lighting but sometimes simple is better.