Print, Print, Print

Did I mention you should print?

I have said it many times before, but a photograph is not a photograph until it is printed.  I honestly believe you get so much more from your images if you print them or frame them.  I am guilty myself of looking through old photos on my phone over and over again, promising to print them one day until it's too late and you sell your phone or they get wiped because you've run out of space.

When I speak to client about their next photo session with me, I am always explaining that I shoot with the idea of printing.  Of course I can supply images on a disc or USB stick, but I always find it a bit of an anticlimax.  Having spent hours on post production, working on the details of the images I want to see them printed.  I want them to feel the paper and see the texture.  And so far I have never had a client say they prefer their family photographs on a small screen to being held in front of them or displayed on their walls.


A couple of posts back I talked about a recent family session I did over the summer (take a look).  I received their prints back and they looked stunning and now they have a tangible record of that day.