A portrait at the Heath

Back again at the Heath in Royston last weekend.  This time we were with good friends who were visiting; and when any guests come to see us in Royston we tend to take them to the Heath.  I like to use these opportunities to grab a quick photo or two.  Ada-Emily is nearly 3 now and has been photographed by me a few times in the past.  It's interesting seeing how much she has grown up since the last time I photographed her (see my portfolio).  Normally my portraits are taken with natural light to keep things simple and soft.  But this time I wanted to try out some off camera flash (kit list below).  Using flash is great, it makes things so versatile.  However I remember trying to learn the basics of flash back at university; trying to get my head around fill in flash, exposures and all that jazz nearly sent me mad.  These days I find it easy (practice n' all that) but find I rarely use it and yet it makes such a big difference, really making the subject pop from the background.  Anyway here's some of the shots, enjoy.

Nikon D800
Tamron 24-70mm
1x Neewer tt860 flash
Godox X1n trigger and receiver
human light stand (the wife)
Godox pop up softbox