Old work #1

When I studied photography back in 2004 at Southampton Solent University, I remember not really knowing what it was I enjoyed taking pictures of.  Being set an assignment with a vague title such as 'Environment' or 'Contemporary Practice' never helped.  Trying to come up with some worldly reason as to why I was choosing to photograph something was the other struggle.  It always felt as though you had to be making a point, or commenting on the worlds problems with your work.  I soon became fed up with trying to think of a subject matter to shoehorn my photos into and instead just focused on people as there was plenty of those about.

These photos I found on an old hard drive I was digging through.  My parent's neighbour owned a smelting foundry (I think that's what they're called) in Hitchin, so I ask if I could come along and just document a normal day and see what came of it.

Ninety nine percent of my university course was based around film and darkrooms.  I loved it.  Digital camera were not really big (or any good) back then, however this time I booked out the only Nikon D1X in the stores room.  With a 17-35mm f2.8 lens and the worst battery known to man (about an hour max) this is what I got.