"Let them eat cake"

When your little one hits the grand old age of 1 often we like to celebrate with an old fashioned party or family gathering.  Nice good clean fun for all those invited.  These days there is a new tradition which seems to be bedding itself in - the 'Cake Smash'.

When Ivy turned one we decided to have a go.  And so Lauren (my wife) baked two cakes, one to be eaten sensibly washed down with a cuppa; the other was to be attacked from all angles by Ivy. Being slightly neurotic parents we took precautions and stripped her off and moved into the garden; luckily it was a warm sunny day.  Once strapped into her high chair we presented her with the most chocolatey cake in memory.  As family stared in anticipation Ivy seemed slightly bemused but after a few minutes she dived right in.

Moments like these are so much fun and perfect for capturing with photography.  Often I am asked if I photograph parties, smash cakes and other events.  Simply put if people are there, then I will photograph it.

If you've got an upcoming event in Royston or the surrounding counties you want photographing, lets talk....