Ten minutes is all you need, grab your camera and get outside

I took Ivy into the garden the other day to let her have a run around.  She loves to explore the bushes, plants and unfortunately the wheelie bins, so I grabbed the camera and snapped away. Turns out she's learnt to say cheese when I point it towards her (more like "cheeee") which is great as she now occasionally stops and looks right into the lens.

In the past I've talked about how you can take great photos of your kids with just your phone (here).  But if you've got a digital camera floating around the house then dust it off and get outside and use it.  It only takes ten minutes to capture some great portraits of your kids doing what they do best, being kids.  

My point is it only took ten minutes to grab a handful of portraits of her on that day.  Take ten minutes every month or week and after a while you'll have a great collection of ordinary moments on ordinary days spent with the extraordinary little people in your lives.

(Sometimes DSLRs can seem a bit daunting and you might find yourself stuck on auto scared of what the other options mean.  I will be exploring the idea of offering informal tutoring to people with little or no knowledge of how to use a camera who simply want to take better photographs of their families.  I'll keep you posted) 

And after ten minutes, Ivy simply could not take anymore.