The Great Easter Egg Hunt

These days there are so many opportunities to capture great moments with you camera, especially if you have little ones around.  Think of all the birthday parties and groups they attend with friends and family.  These are the perfect situations for natural candid family photography and for you to practise you camera skills.  Try prioritising your aperture, setting it to a wide f-stop (low number e.g. f2.8) in order to blur the background.  This singles out the subject and gives your image a focal point. 

Last weekend we attended an Easter egg Hunt hosted by our NCT group.  The premise was simple; the kids run around looking for eggs and treats in the garden, the adults then eat the said eggs and treats (well most of them anyway).  The chocolate was the perfect tool to distract the kids enough for me to grab some portraits.  The real test came at the end trying to get a group shot (herding cats comes to mind).

Altogether it was fun afternoon and one we can look back on in years to come.  Don't let the moments pass you by, take your camera with you and snap, snap, snap.